1. Curb Appeal

First impressions count! There are several steps you can take to entice buyers before they ever set foot inside the door:

• Mow the lawn, trim bushes, and tackle other landscaping needs
• If necessary, pressure wash the exterior of your home and/or repair siding to give the appearance that it is clean and well-cared for
• Walkways should be clean and clear to make the home accessible
• Outdoor accessories should be simple and tasteful to avoid turning off buyers
• For a more dramatic transformation, consider adding a porch, fence, or other distinctive features to make the exterior of your home more appealing

2. Fixture Upgrades

Updating fixtures is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to change the look of your home. Lights, doorknobs, faucets, and other fixtures should be coordinated and work with a home’s overall style to make the biggest impact with buyers. You can also look for accessories with unique details to help your home stand out.

3. Appliance Upgrades

Although upgrading appliances requires a somewhat larger initial investment, it can have a big impact on your home’s appearance and final sale price. New appliances that match each other, as well as the home’s overall style, give a high-end impression that is appealing to buyers. You may also want to consider updating your counter tops to give the entire kitchen a renovated feel.

4. Highlight the Space

Buyers can feel overwhelmed if a home is filled with family photos, large furniture, children’s toys, and other personal belongings. To appeal to as many people as possible, trim the space to help them envision it in a way that suits their own needs. Along the same lines, closets and other storage areas should be well-organized to help buyers get a sense of size and function.

5. Freshen Up

New flooring or professionally cleaned carpet, new shower doors, fresh paint, and other cosmetic changes can really help revitalize your home and set it apart from other properties on the market. Additionally, if these features have been personalized to your taste, now is the time to give them a more general appeal to create an impression that the home is move-in ready.

Bonus Tip: Finishing Touches

Bake cookies, light a fire, put out fresh flowers…these are common techniques real estate agents suggest to help create a feeling of welcome before open houses or scheduled showings. Talk with your agent about what aspects of your home are the most appealing and how you can take the extra steps to highlight them for potential buyers.





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